Two point perk-up-plan


Just when I thought the shitty winter sickness was over, I feel even worse this weekend (blah) and if anyone is looking for sound effects - my cough would suit any movies about dying dogs or broken chainsaws. Let me know if you are interested or need some sounds like that. In other news, feeling … Read on >>>

Hello, hello. Is this thing on?

Well, hello. I have been meaning to write an entry for a while now but it never really came out. That's OK though. So I went to Queensland - what, weeks ago now? - for the Pro Blogger Event.  Dare I say it was OK (not as mind blowing as I hoped it would be - sorry! I am a grown up and can admit … Read on >>>

Just going to appoint myself the alpha-Sharnee


I am often hesitant to use my first name for things online. I sometimes think about why this is (I have nothing to hide, running from no past ghosts, possibly looking for a job one day soon - yes that could be an issue I guess). Apart from the job thing I still have a hard time putting my finger on … Read on >>>

I am not very good at armature! Help!


The Harryhausen love has been on OVERDRIVE here for the last week or so (thanks in part to the Harryhausen doco on Netflix). I even woke up to Julius drawing pictures at the table the other day. Me: What are you doing? Julius: I am making a movie! Me: Oh wow, making a movie! Julius: No, … Read on >>>

Hola (again)


Yes, I am back. Again! I have had this domain too long to ignore it (10+ years) and no other name feels right (and besides, is now taken! Who took it, was it you?). Aren't you sick of my justification for leaving/coming back posts? I sure as hell am! So back I am to the good ol' … Read on >>>